Your parenting style matters

How you get your child to sleep is a very personal choice and I not only respect that but cater to all parenting types.  Meet Claire – a gentle Mama who’s gorgeous little one was struggling to sleep for longer than 45 minute periods through the night.

Claire contacted me because she needed help, a gentle approach was important to her and we worked together to find a way to ensure she was still able to respond to her child while getting him (and her) some much needed sleep. A word from Claire:

“Caroline was (and continues to be) an absolute godsend. I was, quite literally, at rock bottom the day she turned up at my house. She poured me coffee, handed me a scone and with total sincerity listened as I sobbed / talked about the relentless struggle with my 18 month old baby’s sleep.

He was waking every 45 mins / hour and I was beside myself. I was exhausted, struggling with post natal anxiety, desperately desiring reprieve while at the same time not wanting to ‘sleep train’ my little boy. It was the epitome of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Caroline was 100% on board with my desire to not sleep train and to only use gentle ‘no cry’ methods on my baby. She immediately talked me through a number of gentle sleep strategies and offered continuous reassurance, always adapting and working with what I felt comfortable with.

When she left after her first visit I remember feeling as though I had both hope and a plan. I knew both myself and my baby were in very good hands.

From that day on she was right by my side, lavishing encouragement on me, guiding me through the steps I needed to take to help my little boy and always ensuring that I was comfortable. Her calls and texts always lifted my spirits, reminded me that I was not alone, nudged me in the right direction and most importantly, reassured me that we would be okay.

I never knew how much BOTH myself and my baby needed Caroline. After a week, Lachlan’s sleep had drastically improved and I was feeling empowered, rested and happy. We continue to follow Caroline’s recommendations. They work! Needless to say, I will always recommend Caroline as a coach – for both babies and their mums ?”

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