Ready to drop a nap?

Here’s some advice before you do – First, make sure your baby is ready and when I say ready I mean the correct age to be dropping a nap.  Kids will go through periods of not sleeping for some naps […]

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Postnatal depression

The link between sleepless nights and postnatal depression is real. We don’t talk enough about mental health and we need to be more aware of the signs. PND can happen to anyone, you don’t have to have a history of […]

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Travel and sleep

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding travelling with babes lately.  It’s the season for flights, camping and car trips here in NZ so I have popped together some tips and tricks to get you through First – don’t stress, […]

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Five things you didn’t know about your baby’s sleep

I sometimes think that whoever invented child’s sleep is having a laugh – it is ever changing and no child sleeps the same. Don’t stress though, I can help and in the mean time here are some interesting facts that […]

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Your parenting style matters

How you get your child to sleep is a very personal choice and I not only respect that but cater to all parenting types.  Meet Claire – a gentle Mama who’s gorgeous little one was struggling to sleep for longer […]

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