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It is important that you feel comfortable with the way you help your child to sleep. We specialise in finding the right technique for you and your family

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I contacted Caroline because I have two babies under two and my husband and I were desperate for a decent nights sleep. We had no idea where to start! Caroline put together a routine for both my babies and worked with me as we tweaked things until both babies were sleeping well. She is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was so scared of being “judged” but Caroline never ever made me feel like what I was doing was wrong. Thank you Caroline for making such a huge difference in our lives. We still continue with what you have taught us. Very highly recommended!

Natalie Lucas

As a second time mum, I thought I knew what I was doing! But I was struggling to get my little girl into a solid routine & to break sleep habits that I had created, before going back to work at 6 months.

Caroline was seriously amazing! She really got to know our situation and designed a great routine with lots of helpful tips and techniques. She is understanding & patient, always available on the phone/WhatsApp to answer questions, offer advice or just provide moral support when things got tough (as they inevitably do). She encouraged me to have faith and keep trying, giving practical advice without the pressure that everything had to be perfect.

Thanks to Caro, I’m returning to work knowing that my baby girl isn’t going to struggle at daycare as she now self-settles, has a solid routine & no feed-to-sleep associations. This knowledge is invaluable & provides SO much comfort – its all thanks to Caroline. I honestly couldn’t have got to this point without her! Thank you a million times over!

Rosie & Ottie x

Rosie Borland

I have found Caroline extremely helpful with setting up a more stable sleep routine for my 13 month old daughter. Within one week of first seeing Caroline I have gone from pushing my daughter in her pushchair to get her to sleep to her sleeping all through the night and being able to settle herself to sleep in her cot. Caroline’s approach is very thorough and I found her to be friendly, easy to talk to and having a young child of her own she was understanding and compassionate. I am super happy that I used her service and I totally recommend her.

Sarah Hayward
We got in contact with Caroline when Lottie was around 3 months old. I was finding it really hard to get a routine that would work for her naps around my two other children and their school/kindy schedule. She was really great at figuring this out and helping this tired mum to get her life back on track! I love how Caroline is available on messenger to chat and she often would check in and see how we were getting on. Thank you x Melissa Marshall


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