Travel and sleep

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding travelling with babes lately.  It’s the season for flights, camping and car trips here in NZ so I have popped together some tips and tricks to get you through

  1. First – don’t stress, one day out of routine will not mess up your babes sleep as long as you get back to your normal nap times and bedtime etc. the next day.
  2. When travelling try to align trips in cars or planes with naps or bedtime.
  3. Avoid sugary treats – it might seem like a great idea to get your kids to sit in their seats etc. but it may keep them up when they should be sleeping so stick to healthy snacks. If flying, most airlines will let you bring your own snacks and formula onto the plane.
  4. Take sleep association items with you e.g. sleep suits, favourite PJs, cuddlies, teddy bears.  Getting these items out when it is time for sleep sends the message that even though you are not at home it is still time for sleep and adds extra comfort.
  5. If travelling to a different country align your babes routine with the new time zone as soon as you get to your destination.  Don’t worry about what time it is back home, getting into the swing of things in the new country as soon as possible will make it easier for your babe to settle quicker. It can be a bit tricky if your child finds it difficult to sleep during the day and wants to be awake during the night but perseverance and patience are key
    • Get out into the morning sun first thing as this helps your babes brain reset the biological clock
    • Black out the room for naps
    • Wake them after their usual nap length
    • Keep it dark at night if they wake
    • If they don’t nap as long as you wanted them too don’t worry, resettle where possible and try again next nap or bring bedtime earlier
  6. Lastly, go with the flow – have some fun – don’t worry if it all goes out the window, tomorrow is another day and sleep will get back to normal.
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