Five things you didn’t know about your baby’s sleep

I sometimes think that whoever invented child’s sleep is having a laugh – it is ever changing and no child sleeps the same. Don’t stress though, I can help and in the mean time here are some interesting facts that may help.

  1. Infants take around 20 minutes to reach deep sleep – don’t mistake this as baby not being tired if they don’t sleep right away or if they wake back up prior to the 20 minutes. Signs they are in deep sleep – relaxed fists, breathing becomes more regular, bodies are more relaxed.   Some little ones will even let out a big sigh right before drifting off – Cute!
  2. Every baby is different and this goes for their sleep too. Your baby isn’t a bad sleeper if they wake through the night – all children wake through the night at the end of a sleep cycle, some just resettle themselves after waking. Your child will sleep through the night when they are ready however there are things you can do to ensure your child is getting the best sleep they can. I work with families to find a settling technique to suit their parenting style.
  3. Sleep regressions are actually a PROgression as their sleep is maturing.  This can however mean they need less sleep during the day in order to avoid wakefulness at night.
  4. Temperature can impact on sleep! Overheating can hinder sleep and increases the risk of SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy). A room that is too cold can wake a baby. The ideal temperature for your child’s room is 18 degrees.
  5. Sleep helps your child grow! Sleep is strongly related to the growth and development of your child and I believe it is just as important as food. Research suggests amazing things happen when your child is asleep e.g. memories are consolidated, the body heals, energy is restored.
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